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October in Gunnersbury Park

Seasons change, but there is never a quiet season in the park. Find out what our gardening team have been up to this week.

It was a busy week in the park as we started working on our herbaceous borders. We’ve been working on the Long Border which runs along the 300yrs old eastern boundary wall. This involves moving some of the herbaceous perennials by transplanting, splitting and dividing them into new positions, and in some cases just potting them up. We have also been adding soil conditioner, which helps the soil retain moisture in the summer months - meaning there is less watering to do!    

Even the Head Gardener sometimes pulls himself out of the office!

gardening team working in the park

On top of all this we are extending the Long Border to get even longer, with our dedicated team of volunteers. They have been removing unproductive weedy sward to make way for the extended border.

See below for the before and after photos.

view of path in the park
garden volunteers in the park

Community payback are a key partner at Gunnersbury, doing important jobs that would otherwise not get done. Here they have been working on rejuvenating the historic holy clump that divides the museum from the Small Mansion.

Community Payback team gardening in the park

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