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Gunnersbury Footpaths - An update on planned works

As part of our major improvement works, we would like to inform you that some of the public footpaths in the South East of Gunnersbury Park will be resurfaced next month. These works are part of ongoing efforts to reinstate these areas and enhance the safety and accessibility of the park users. Earlier this year there were plans to carry out additional improvement works particularly to the footpaths including the South West and Central parts of the Park. Unfortunately, the bid made to National Highways to raise funds for these areas was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, National Highways have agreed to reconsider our proposal again next year. The bid for these areas will be resubmitted by the local authority once again in 2025. 

Key details on the planned works are as follows:

  1. Commencement Date: 8th May 2024.
  2. Duration: Approximately 2 weeks. However, weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances may impact the timeline.
  3. Scope of Work: Resurfacing of footpaths in the South East part of Gunnersbury park, fixing uneven surfaces, addressing damages, improving drainage.
  4. Temporary Disruptions: During this period, there may be temporary closures and disruptions to pedestrian traffic. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding whilst we close these areas to improve the footpaths.
  5. Safety Measures: For the safety of the park users, temporary signage or some safety barriers will be installed during the works. Meanwhile we have installed a number of warning signs on entrance gates to inform park users to take extra caution when walking on these areas. 

We understand that these works may cause inconvenience, but we believe the long-term benefits of a well-maintained footpath will outweigh the temporary disruptions. 

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated as we strive to create a safer and more accessible environment for everyone in the local community and the estate team operating here.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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