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Being South Asian: Sebastian Elanko

Fine art artist, Mr Sebastian Elanko, takes you on a touching personal journey of self-reflection on heritage and importance of family during COVID 19 pandemic.


The invitation:

Pause for a minute from daily life and take a slow walk with this Tamil artist as you walk into the museum. You will find that there is a liveliness in every one of his creations. Each piece has been carefully created and curated for you, as the viewer to be the centre; to be at one with the art in the present moment of time. Come and explore the exhibition and be the centre of attention as you reflect on your own life and sentiments.

The journey:

You will feel that he takes you on a beautiful journey through his poetic words and images, through the journey of life. As you move through the gallery, you will feel as if you are walking his path and then you start reflecting and realise you too have traversed a similar path at certain stages of your life.

The work:

Each one of his works is barred by his beautiful and exquisite poetry. You do not need to be a South Asian to understand his creativity. It is everyone’s path of life at some stage, but you will feel that these poems reveal the lifestyle, tradition and heritage of South Asians through fine art photography and poetry.

“As the stream embraces the rocks it run along,
we too embrace our journey of life.”

The artist has carefully selected and captured parts of his own path in life to reveal and reflect on his heritage and tradition. You do not need to be in his shoes to understand how his language expresses rich and subtle meaning through his poetry and photography.

Logistics for visiting:

  • Where: As you enter the main entrance of Gunnersbury Park Museum, the exhibition is located in the “Special Exhibition Gallery”, which is the first room on the left-hand side, before the reception desk and accessed through the shop. The floor plan of the room and curator’s suggested order of viewing pathway is as follows:


  • When to visit: Exhibition is on at the moment and closes on the 30 September 2021. Please note the Gunnersbury Park Museum has limited opening times and is only open certain days of the week. Please check details on the website and feel free to call up to make sure the museum is open before visiting.

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