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Crowdfunding Appeal: Our new Sci-Fi Exhibition

Update 11 July

We're delighted to have gone past £10k. As we're so close to the target Art Fund have extended our campaign until Thursday 27 July.

Beyond the stars and behind the scenes… for over a century West London has been home to a hive of workshops that fed into some of the country’s most iconic Sci-Fi films and TV shows.

From laser beams to paranoid androids, exploring faraway planets to alien invasions – Ealing and Hounslow’s set designers, model makers, and costume designers played a pivotal role in creating films and TV shows which would go on to become household names, including Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf.

It was these people’s artistry and imaginative vision which realised worlds that would enthral millions of viewers. And we think it’s time that they got their share of the limelight.

This autumn at Gunnersbury Park Museum we’re planning an exhibition, ‘Set to Stun’, a celebration of Sci-Fi film and television design from the 1960s through to today, turning the camera onto the West London creatives who brought it all to life. Visitors will enjoy an engaging and interactive showcase of the costumes, sets, work and imagination that goes into building their favourite Sci-Fi moments.

And to do this we need your help.

Check out our page on Art Fund to find out more


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