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Festivals & Outdoor Events

14 September




We will be hosting Waterworks in summer 2024!

Waterworks will be returning to Gunnersbury Park. Waterworks is a multi-stage festival that celebrates cutting-edge UK based and influenced electronic music with a strong emphasis on supporting emerging talent. The event will provide food and bars.  

Information for our neighbours

Location: The Old Cricket Pitch - click here for the map

Phone number for local residents use: 0203 781 0001 (this number will be live during event set up and event days. During event set up it will be manned 9am - 5pm, Monday - Sunday).


Will the park be open while the event is on?

The event will take place on the Old Cricket Pitches. It shall mainly be contained within the footpaths so as not to obstruct any general park flow. Where activities cross footpaths, there will be crossing points to continue park flow during the build and break. The event area will be fenced off, but other areas of the park will remain open to the public with only the event space being inaccessible to the general park users. All delivery vehicles will enter via the Popes Lane/ Lionel Road North entrance.

There will be vehicles moving between this gate and the event site where a temporary trackway road will be installed. Approximately 80% of the park will remain open as usual.

New for 2024: having listened to resident feedback the pedestrian crossing introduced in 2023 will be better signposted.

Will the park’s other facilities be open while the event is on?

Yes, Gunnersbury Park Museum, the Sports Hub, Putt in the Park, the pedalos and car park will all be open as usual. For safety reason we will be implementing a one way system in the car park. The event organisers will be providing stewards and installing barrier in and near the car park to direct event related traffic and other traffic also using the car park during this time. Your co-operation in following their directions is appreciated.  

Residents Tickets

There are tickets still available, and residents within a postcode boundary are welcome to apply for a ballot to be approved for discounted tickets upon proof of address. Please email for more information.

Will nearby streets, traffic and parking be affected?

Event attendees are being encouraged to travel by public transport and the event organisers have publicised that there is no parking available at the event or in the local area. No road closures are planned for this event and the planned taxi pickup and drop off location is within Gunnersbury Park. The event organisers are implementing robust crowd management and dispersal plans to help move customers away from the area and to public transport hubs as safely, quickly, and quietly as possible. 

What are the event organisers proposing to do about litter?

The internal area of the event will be fully litter picked and as much waste as possible will be recycled instead of being sent to the landfill. An agreed area outside of the event site (including main public routes) will also be dedicated as the responsibility of the Event Organiser to litter pick. This effort is to offset any additional rubbish at Gunnersbury Park that may be caused by attendees.

We will have a Resident Response Litter Team working on the day of the event who will be able to respond to reports of event-related litter build up in the surrounding residential areas. Please use the onsite contact number below to let us know about any such concerns. We will also be placing event toilets outside the site for people to use on their way to and from the event.

How will noise be managed?

There will be increased noise in the area on the event days. We have employed an independent specialist noise management company to carry out tests throughout the event to ensure that levels do not exceed those set by the Council. They will be taking readings from various points off-site including local residential areas. 

If you have any concerns that you would like to raise prior to the show, please contact us at During the event, they will be contactable on (0203 781 0001), or the email address provided above.

Following on from last year's events where, due to unusual weather, the sound was dispersed over a much larger area, we will be closely monitoring the forecasts so we can better inform our neighbours.

Visitor Welfare

We’re acutely aware that with climate change we could have exceptional heat during event days. We take our responsibility to every park user seriously, and we will ensure welfare provision on the day.

How do I find out more about other events in Gunnersbury Park?

Information on the other events taking place in Gunnersbury Park can be found here. The best way to find out about other events taking place in the park is to subscribe to Gunnersbury Park’s mailing list which you can do here

Why we hold events in Gunnersbury Park

Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC was set up for the purpose of opening up the park and museum for education, leisure and recreation for the widest possible audience.

In 2022 we embarked on our biggest programme of events in the park. Tens of thousands of people have visited Gunnersbury: whether bringing the family for a day out with dinosaurs, to listen to award-winning music artists or enjoy immersive cinema, and we’ve loved welcoming new and familiar faces to the park.

 We offer a rich variety of experiences and services to attract the widest possible range of visitors and add value to our community's lives. We welcome thousands of local school students for educational experiences, bring opportunities to local community groups, offer a thriving museum service and continue keeping the park and museum well-maintained and free to access all year. We invest 100% net profit of the income generated from these events back into Gunnersbury, to allow us to continue serving our community. 2022 saw the running cost for the Gunnersbury Estate in excess of £2.3m, and our costs are rising all the time, making this event income ever more vital.

Event details


14 September 2024


12 - 10.30pm




Gunnersbury Park