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Special Events

1 January



Alien Invasion Escape Room Mystery for families

There have been strange ‘alien’ going ons in West London and at the centre of it all… Gunnersbury Park Museum.

Lights in the sky, clocks running backwards, odd noises and alien sightings in the museum.

You are A.R.T.E.F.A.C.T - Alien Reconnaissance Telemetry Engagement FACTion - an organisation sent to investigate extra terrestrial events. Can you crack the codes, solve the clues and find out what these alien beings want from us?

You must act fast: you only have one hour before the truth is lost forever…

We are able to offer refunds up to two weeks before the event.

£8 per child. Adults go FREE. Only 1 adult per child.

Event details



11am - 12pm




Gunnersbury Park Museum


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