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My Marketing Internship at Gunnersbury

Marketing and Communications intern Beata Kamila Boravska shares the experience of working in a marketing at Gunnersbury.

As I neared the end of my 3-year Music Management studies at the University of West London, I was lucky enough to get a 3-month internship at Gunnersbury. I was in desperate look out for marketing internships, and I was very thrilled to be accepted. For the past 3 months I haveworked in a very friendly environment, developed my marketing skills, and learned a lot about marketing and communication tools that will definitely help me in my future career. Most importantly- I have learned the history of this beautiful Gunnersbury Park- West London’s oasis, a place to relax and just - breathe.

Why Gunnersbury?

As I am local to the area, it is no doubt, that this park is my favourite place for an evening walk. I have lived nearby for 3 years, and there is no better place for relaxation than Gunnersbury.

Working in such corporate environment might be tiring, but the Gunnersbury office (which is located in the museum) felt even relaxing, as it is surrounded by beautiful nature. On my breaks I was able to admire the nature around me in the park.

The application process

While being on my casual walk at the park, I have decided to pop into museum and see what is going on there and once again have a look at beautiful galleries. I was happy to find a volunteering booklet and as soon as I saw a marketing position I applied straight away.

After couple of days, I have received an email from volunteering manager and was invited for an interview. I was very happy, but nervous, I did not know what to expect from the interview and thought, that the competition was high.

I was interviewed by volunteer manager Gill Clement and marketing manager Marie Stirling, and it was in a very relaxed environment, I did not feel stressed at all. Luckily my interview went well and my internship began.


I was working two days a week for 6 hours a day. Every day I was learning something new, and I was very interested in marketing tools, that Gunnersbury uses to promote events and activities on social media.

I have learnt how to use Meta Business Suite, Umbraco, Google Analytics, Shopify, Mailchimp, Beacon. I even designed pins and ID cards, which was very entertaining and exiting!

Advice for future interns

If anyone is interested in marketing and want to get experience, I would highly recommend starting your marketing journey at Gunnersbury. It is a very relaxed, but efficient environment, where you will learn how to use different marketing tools and be responsible for marketing campaigns, updating the website, creating e-shots and much more.

If you are looking for experience, do not hesitate to apply at Gunnersbury, - you might learn even more than you have expected. Personally, I feel more confident in stepping into my marketing career, as I developed my skills and deepened my knowledge in the period of my internship. People at Gunnersbury are very kind and will help you with even the smallest thing, remember - no question is a silly question! ;)


Working in Gunnersbury was the first and the most exciting internship I had. I had learnt a lot about marketing tools, from writing and creating social media posts, updating the website, creating reports, researching, writing a blog, creating an e-shot and posters.

I am beyond grateful for the knowledge provided. I will be coming to the park for a walk with good memories of working days.

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