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Living Wage Week

Gunnersbury is proud to be a London Living Wage employer. Along with over 14,000 employers across the UK, we pay staff members the real Living Wage which is set by the Living Wage Foundation. This year the rate has increased by 10% in the UK, reflecting persistently high costs for low paid workers.  Recent research by the Living Wage Foundation shows that despite inflation easing, the cost-of-living crisis is far from over for Britain’s 3.5m low paid workers. Recent polling of those earning below the real Living Wage found that 60% have visited a food bank in the past year and 39% regularly skipping meals for financial reasons. 

Stephanie Dominy, Trustee at Gunnersbury Museum and Park Development Trust said:

‘We’re dedicated to providing London LivingWage for our staff here at Gunnersbury. With the cost-of-living crisis still ongoing, the increase in the hourly rate will help both with our staff’s financial stability and mental wellbeing. We hope to inspire other organisations to follow suit.

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