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Being South Asian: Parveen Thethy

Photographer Parveen Thethy discusses her love for photography and the inspiration behind her work.


My dad used to say to me, “if you want to see God, you can see Him in nature”. Although I understood this philosophical talk at a different level as a kid; I completely feel connected at a much higher level now to the beautiful Mother Earth and it’s everchanging costumes in different seasons! Nature makes me feel connected to my inner-self on a deeper level, as well as to my dad, who left us in 2007. 

Sometimes, we don’t realise how much beauty we are surrounded by until we dive deep into it with a fully focused mind. All of my landscape photos in this exhibition are captured during multiple visits to Northolt Hills that fall within my vicinity.

Many of you must have seen the view of these giant hills from A40 driving through Greenford and possibly wondered what they are! I used to think exactly like that for many years and never visited this beautiful place properly until the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. This is the time, when I realised what a wonderful and picturesque location I am living in; it’s simply amazing! I started walking around and capturing every side of the park. Little did I know at that time that these photos will make their way to an exhibition at the Gunnersbury Park Museum a year later!

I am a budding photographer and have always loved taking photos. My love with nature and passion for photography has most certainly led me to an opportunity to showcase my work at the Being South Asian Exhibition with the other seven very talented artists. I do hope that you find the landscape photographs as an invitation to come and enjoy the beautiful nature and tranquillity that my neighbourhood has to offer (Northala Fields).




Bubbles give you a glimpse into the fun-times that we all love to enjoy as a family, regardless of age; we all get fascinated by bubbles. Even my dog loves to play with them; this is my favourite pass-time with my dog :)

A bubble also represents life… perhaps soul! It’s so beautiful, and then it pops without a warning! The ‘selfie in the bubble’ reflects that aspect of life.

One thing I would really love to share with you that my mentor Gurpal Dhupar (Bollywood Photographer) taught me, is: “You can have the most expensive camera in the world, but if you do not have an eye for what you want to capture, you can never be a good photographer”. This goes to all those budding photographers who think they will need to spend a lot of money to take a good picture. Trust me, you can start with your mobile phone and take brilliant photos. Some of my photos are taken with the mobile phone, especially the ‘selfie in the bubble’.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow in Parveen’s Photobooth on the First Floor in the Home Gallery.

~ Parveen Thethy




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