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Recommendations for Summer events

Following last years events we contracted a consultant to recommend ways in which we can improve to lessen the impact of our events on our neighbours.

Read below for the recommendations

  • An offsite low frequency noise limit targeted at 85 dB LCeq,15 min with an absolute limit of 90 dB LCeq,15 min  measured under free-field conditions at any location representative of noise sensitive premises.
  • An onsite low frequency noise limit targeted at 112 dB LCeq,1 min with an absolute limit of 115 dB LCeq,1 min measured on-axis under free-field conditions at a reference distance of 50 m from the PA system
  • An onsite C-A differential target of 15 dB with an absolute limit of 20 dB.
  • Concentration of low frequency energy in the 31.5 Hz and 40 Hz 1/3 octave centre frequency bands should be avoided, particularly on smaller stages where the audience are physically close to the PA system and therefore less likely to notice any reduction in these frequency bands. High-pass filters and multiband compression may be usefully deployed to achieve this.
  • Careful and considered design of sub arrays must be undertaken to provide pattern control where it is
    required and minimise lobing effects that extend too far into the community. The use of flown sub arrays should be avoided where practicable.
  • Enhanced communication with the public to encourage them to use the complaints line during the event rather than submitting emails after the fact. This should enable a faster, more dynamic response to offsite noise issues. Those operating the complaints line should also collect accurate location information to facilitate visits by the noise management team


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