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Offside: Women’s Football in West London & Beyond

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Offside: Women’s Football in West London & Beyond 
14 July  - 9 October 2022

Discover the highs and lows of women’s football from its grass roots pioneers to the superstars of the present.

In 1863 the game we know today was born with the formation of the Football Association, which drew up its ‘Laws of the Game’, the first official rules for play. Typical of the time, the ‘Association Game’ did not consider that women could or would want to play football.  

This neglect determined the nature of women’s football. Playing outside of formal organisations, women defined their own game. They established their own leagues, teams and even rules, creating a game of ever-increasing popularity.  

To coincide with Euro 2022 we held an exhibition to celebrate the unique heritage of women’s football.  

Along with the rest of the country we were over the moon when Ealing’s own Chloe Kelly scored England’s final-winning goal.