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Numeracy in Nature

An exciting new outdoor learning workshop that allows children to make connections between maths and nature.

Ada Lovelace, who lived nearby in Ealing during her formative years, was a famous mathematician and pioneer in what we now know as computer programming. Visiting school children can be likewise inspired by her example. They will encounter a famous mathematician who needs their help. Can the pupils work in teams to investigate symmetry in the stunning architecture and decorative features of this former Rothschild house? They will also see how symmetry can be found in nature by looking at our fascinating museum objects and will have the opportunity to identify their own examples of symmetry in nature. They will play some fun maths games, solve some challenges involving shape, symmetry, fractions, numbers, measuring and simple algorithms and understand the historical role of a mathematician such as Ada Lovelace.

Please note this workshop is only available from April to October.

“The children had a wonderful day…Very relevant and built on what the children have been learning at school…and the nature element complimented our ‘Enchanted Woodland’ topic.”
St James's Catholic Primary School, 7/7/21
Duration: 60-75 minutes
Price: £125 per workshop of up to 32 children

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National Curriculum links


  • Significant historical people and places in their own locality.


  • Teamwork


  • Sequencing, adding, division, multiplication


  • Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school, understand algorithms