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Victorian Kitchens

An unforgettable, immersive experience in our beautiful original Victorian kitchens.

Pupils will meet our Victorian servant and discover what homes were like in the past. They will have the opportunity to dress in aprons, mob caps and waistcoats, and to role-play as maids and footmen, working alongside our Victorian servant.

Duties will include pounding sugar and spices with a pestle and mortar, scrubbing the floors, beating carpets, and pretending to do the ironing.

Through their work as Victorian servants, pupils will discover the differences and similarities between homes then and now, and what it was like to work for the illustrious Rothschild family.

“It brought it alive – role play was excellent in the setting. Lovely balance of facts and participation.”
Finton House School
"Complemented the History topic of Houses and Homes (lots of interesting new facts). Excellent workshop and well-worth the money!"
Our Lady Queen of Heaven School
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £125 per workshop of up to 32 children

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Learning objective

To explore the differences and similarities between homes then and now, and to identify and understand the contrasts with their own homes.

National Curriculum links


  • Historical concepts – continuity and change, similarity and difference, drawing contrasts
  • Significant people and places in our locality


  • Spoken language and listening skills, role-play, increasing vocabulary