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Nature Investigators

“The Mystery of the Missing Professor" This engaging Outdoor Learning workshop which encourages children to discover the natural world and local heritage through creative outdoor storytelling.

There are strange goings on in Gunnersbury Park! The class will become an investigative team to solve the mystery of what has happened to Professor Hawthorn. Carry out science investigations, use your mathematical skills to complete a tree survey and help solve the puzzle of the missing professor.

Please note this workshop is only available from April to September.

"Excellent knowledge and extended learning."
Heathfield House School
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: £140 per workshop of up to 32 children

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National Curriculum links


  • Living Things and their Habitats
  • Plants
  • Working scientifically


  • Number – addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Measurement – using measuring instruments to calculate length, circumference and diameter
  • Statistics – read, interpret and compare information, calculate and interpret the mean as an average


  • A local history study


  • Spoken language and listening skills, increasing vocabulary, reading and comprehension