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Dig For Victory

Take your class back in time to 1942 and get them doing their bit for the war effort in Gunnersbury Park.

In this immersive and practical Outdoor Learning workshop, the group will meet an ARP Warden and Land Army girl who will set a mission to help them prepare for an air raid and to grow enough food to keep everyone fit and healthy during the war.

Children will explore real objects from our collections such as a deactivated incendiary bomb and schrapnel from the local area. They will also have the chance to dress up in replica Second World War costume, dig up potatoes, put out a ‘bomb’, take part in a gas mask drill and take cover in our Anderson Shelter.

Please note this workshop is only available from April to October.

"The workshops were perfect. The Staff educated and entertained in equal measure. The children really valued the opportunity to ‘Dig for Victory’. It was a great learning experience.”
Lionel Primary School
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: £155 per workshop of up to 32 children

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National Curriculum links


  • A local history study
  • Theme in British history beyond 1066


  • Role play, spoken language and listening skills
  • Increasing vocabulary


  • Requirements of plants for life and growth