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Workshops for Adults

6 November


From £10

Mindful Gong Baths

Relax with Patricia Ehtemam every Saturday morning in November for a gong bath session.

Looking to destress and inject more calm and peace into your life? Then join us for our gong bath sessions.

Gong baths are an immersive sound healing experience. It is known as a ‘bath’ as the sounds ‘wash’ over you to help you feel calm, relaxed and happy.

Patricia will guide you into a deep relaxation, followed by playing the gong, crystal bowl, chimes and drums creating a soundscape. All you need to do is to make sure that you are comfortable and allow the sound of the instruments to wash over you.

Whether you are new or experienced to gong baths, these sessions are open to everyone.

£10 per session or £35 for all four sessions.

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6 November 2021
13 November 2021
20 November 2021
27 November 2021


11am - 12pm


From £10


Gunnersbury Park


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Mindful Gong Baths
Relax with Patricia Ehtemam in a gong bath session

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