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November in Gunnersbury Park

Seasons change, but there is never a quiet season in the park. Find out what our gardening team have been up to during autumn.

Autumn is the time of year for planting bulbs and on the new ecological herbaceous border we have been planting hundreds of early spring flowering bulbs which will naturalise over time.

Mulching also continues on the extension of the Long Border

Bulbs in the park about to be planted
picture of gardeners in the park

Autumn is also the most important time in plant management and on the Rose Basket Beds we are reining in unruly perennials that are outgrowing other less vigorous plants. This is done by a method known as division which involves physically splitting the plant into several small pieces. These will then be replanted and any surplus will be used else where in the park.

Rose beds in the park with the mansion in the back
Bulbs, spade, park
bulbs planted with space

In the images above we are dividing Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ which is a vigorous herbaceous perennial. It is divided in situ by simply driving a spade through the middle of the plant and then lifting the divisions out to transplant them.

You may have seen the new hazel fencing being woven in along the edge of the new herbaceous border, creating a natural barrier. The hazel comes from a sustainable 280 hectare coppice in Hampshire. Anyone can do this, you just need some staves for the upright poles and knock them into the ground following up by weaving the hazel through. This makes great habitat and is in keeping with the ecological theme of the planting. 

hazel border fence being constructed with a volunteer gardener
completed hazel border fence

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