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Being South Asian: Afsana Elanko

Fine art artist, Dr Afsana Elanko, takes you on a touching personal journey of self-reflection during the COVID 19 pandemic.


What is the artist’s practice?

The artist’s fine art practice uses meditative processes to slowly explore and reflect on real-life situations making her work very powerful and thought inspiring. The careful choice of medium brings energy and movement into her work, whilst close observation of the world brings realism. Each individual piece can take months to create, as emotional experiences feed into her practice.

What methods and techniques are used in creation?

The artist is renowned in using classical techniques and methods and exploring the depths that they can reach. In this exhibition, in addition to photography, we are fortunate to see prints that were created based on the original methods as described by John Herschel in 1842. When exploring the exhibition pause to see the intense colours obtained by using this method.

Why was this body of work created?

This body of work was created in response to loss. It charts the personal journey of grief, bereavement, reflection and growth. The artist invites you to explore your personal experiences as you move through the exhibition. The fleeting quality of the present is explored, in addition to the importance of being in harmony with nature and self-healing to regain inner peace.


“Only through close observation and understanding

can we thrive.”


In summary, A touching and sentimental exhibition that evokes emotions within the viewer and self-reflection. This artistic response takes you on the journey through the eyes of the artist. Anyone who connects with art will be memorised and inspired by this humble yet touching response that pulls on your heart strings.

Logistics for visiting:

  • Where: As you enter the main entrance of Gunnersbury Park Museum, the exhibition is located in the “Special Exhibition Gallery”, which is the first room on the left-hand side, before the reception desk and accessed through the shop. The floor plan of the room and curator’s suggested order of viewing pathway is as follows:


  • When to visit: Exhibition is on at the moment and closes on the 30th September 2021. Please note the Gunnersbury Park Museum has limited opening times and is only open certain days of the week. Please check details on the website and feel free to call up to make sure the museum is open before visiting.

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