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Maddy's Lockdown Challenge: 100 days and 100 pictures

When lockdown started in March this year, local resident Maddy embarked on a mission – to capture 100 days in 100 pictures at Gunnersbury Park. We asked her all about her challenge…



How did you hear about Gunnersbury?

"I visited Gunnersbury Park a lot when my children were young; they're both grown up now! More recently I did a Park Run but was just concentrating on getting round the course rather than looking at the park! When lockdown started I needed somewhere very local and rediscovered Gunnersbury and all its wonderful flora and fauna."

How did you get the idea to photograph 100 days in lockdown?

"As I was living in a shielded household I arrived at Gunnersbury Park by 7.15am to avoid any crowds, and it was my only trip out each day. There was something really beautiful about the light at that time in the morning!"

locked gates
Locked gates, covid

How have you found your challenge?

"I shared the pictures on a group chat of friends, many of whom were shielding. I would report in each day with the latest news from Gunnersbury Park, and send over my top pictures of the day. The  pictures had a feel good factor and got everyone talking about how amazing the park was. The park was closed on day 68 and 69 but I still went and walked around the perimeter of the park snapping all the locked gates and pictures 'peering in'."

How have you found Gunnersbury during lockdown?

"Gunnersbury Park has been an absolute joy and ignited a real interest in all the plants and wildlife. It was very uplifting observing the change of seasons and all the new life! I became especially invested in following the progress of the swans and cygnets, and it was so exciting when 7 cygnets were born! Also, I've been astounded at the work the gardening team have put in to produce such beautiful displays of flowers, and just their dedication and knowledge!"


Pond, swans, sun rise
Swan family

What’s it meant to you to be able to visit Gunnersbury during this time?

"It's impossible to fully describe the role Gunnersbury Park has played during lockdown. It was definitely my sanctuary and gave me something to look forward to each day. Also it was a wonderful way of trying to keep fit and sane during a challenging time."

Do you have a favourite picture?

"Impossible to say which is my favourite picture as I have so many. I did especially like the meadow pictures filled with poppies, cornflowers and daisies. My favourite memory was seeing the cygnets for the first time and charting their progress in the first two potentially perilous weeks of their lives."


corn flower meadow

How do you feel now your challenge has finished? (will you still come and visit Gunnersbury?!)

"Stopping after a 100 days seemed a good way to bring the project to a conclusion. Yes I will definitely still visit Gunnersbury Park regularly, and will enjoy visiting at different times of the day!"


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