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Big Conversation VI - Getting Active at Gunnersbury

The sixth outing of the Big Conversation focused on how to get active at Gunnersbury this summer. Below are the main comments from the discussions.

What's On at Gunnersbury

  • The idea of a Trim Trail / Outdoor exercise trail with various stations around the park, that were made from natural materials e.g. wood was popular
  • The idea of Natural Play for children’s play was suggested
  • Provide outdoor lockers for people that are coming to use the park.
  • Interest was shown for a climbing / traverse wall
  • The fact the a tree trail will be coming soon was very popular
  • The paths need repairing to encourage more people to get active

Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub

  • Alex outlined the sports hub membership offer as £36.00 per month at Gunnersbury or £60.00 per month for access to Gunnersbury + all other GLL gyms across the country
  • Alex summarised the various offers at the sports hub including, gym, multiple and varied exercise classes, sports hall, badminton, tennis, football and rugby and cricket.
  • The issue of lack of facilities for junior athletics was raised e.g. no running track, no space for field events eg throwing events, long/triple jump etc.. agreed that CIC and GLL would liaise with Ealing Eagles (who raised the issue) to see what we can create at minimal cost in areas outside the formal grass pitches.
  • General comments on state of paths at Gunnersbury impeding casual exercise and access for some people.
  • Suggestion that ParkRun contacted re voluntary donations towards path maintenance and repair as the group regularly uses the park (pre-lockdown periods)  
  • General comments from group on tangible improvements ot park (excepting the paths) over recent years and good feedback on experiences of using park for relaxation/leisure in lockdown
  • Request for coffee/food outlet near sports hall – agreed that we are looking at that and hope to have a solution this summer
  • Also interest in when fixed café will be installed in sports hub - suggested timeline of 9-12 months minimum


  • General introduction to ParkPlay - what the offer is, how the community can get involved
  • Aim to get more volunteers and promote more to our local community
  • Concern was raised over the timings - 10am on a Saturday when people are quite busy.
  • Suggestion to link up with ParkRun when they return
  • Possibility of having a coffee trader down at that side of the park for passing trade
  • Can ParkPlay link into Gunnersbury's natural assets - the tree trail etc. and also link in with the CIC's other programming.
  • The noticeboards are a good place to advertise in the park


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