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Big Conversation - Introducing the new Gunnersbury

On Sunday 24 April local residents met with Gunnersbury staff to discuss changes to Gunnersbury.

Download the presentation here

Feedback from the groups on the vision

  • Vision is very aspirational - how do we move to reality
  • The vision statement needs to shortened to engage -  trying to be all things to everyone


  • More events are needed / publicised to showcase Gunnersbury as a destination
  • How can we attract tv news crews down to Gunnersbury?
  • Different messages are needed to engage audiences who visit Gunnersbury and those haven't yet/ further away
  • Signage could be improved for the museum / only in certain areas in the park
  • More info to local libraries and increase maildrops?
  • Utilise cargo bike for getting across messages
  • Work with TFL for better signage from station

New board

  • Opportunity for new trustees to get involved in Gunnersbury's new journey

Other areas

  • How can we further utilise the buildings for use
  • How can we utilise community volunteers / apprenticeships in the park and museum?
  • Increase number of events here: community concerts, heritage days, outdoor theatre?
  • Shuttle service for bigger events?
  • Better access to the park?

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