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The Titfield Thunderbolt

Photograph taken during a scene of The Titfield Thunderbolt (1953).

The film was the first Ealing comedy to be filmed in technicolour. A life-size model of the train was built using wood and mounted on to a lorry chassis to allow it to move. The Titfield Thunderbolt is a film based on a village’s fight to keep their local railway line open and features a 115 year old locomotive.

Watch a clip from the classic film below.

Did you know?

The sound stages at Ealing Studios were used to create many different realistic locations over the years, ranging from the deserts in the Middle East to snowy ranges across the Antarctic.

Listen to Roy talk about on set of Scott of the Antarctic below.

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Scott of Antarctic

Audio transcript

Roy Gough: Most of the close up shots were filmed in the biggest stage with wind machines blowing and a lot of ground up plastic dropped down so that it was a constant white mist because in the Arctic you get a sort of ‘white-out’ mist, and of course that looks as good as the real thing, in fact you couldn’t film in the real thing either.

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