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The Captive Heart

Cast of The Captive Heart (1946) on location at the ex-prisoner-of-war camp, Marlag, near Westertimke in north west Germany. The film featured many Ealing Studios ‘regulars’ such as Sir Michael Redgrave, Gordon Jackson and Jack Warner.

Whilst the majority of Ealing Studios productions were filmed on site at the sound stages at Ealing Green, it was often necessary for film crews and units to travel abroad for filming. One of the benefits to filming on location was that it created a greater sense of realism than what could be created at Ealing Studios.    

Director Basil Dearden went to great lengths to make The Captive Heart as authentic as possible, choosing to shoot most of the film on location in a recently liberated prisoner of war camp in Germany. Several ex-prisoners-of-war from Marlag were recruited to advise on location and set details.

Enjoy a clip from the film below.

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