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Sally Ann Howes

Sally Ann Howes on the set of Dead of Night (1945), with director Alberto Cavalcanti (seated)

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Under Michael Balcon’s direction, Ealing Studios became world famous. Some of the most enduring classics of British cinema history were produced at Ealing Studios, such as; Passport to Pimlico, Whisky Galore! and The Lavender Hill Mob. Balcon created a culture of loyalty at the Studios often casting the same actors and actresses. This culture of loyalty applied to the technical crew on set too. The same film unit crew were used again and again, allowing employees to build up their skills and experience. In his oral history, Roy claims that this was something particularly notable about Ealing Studios. 

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Ealing Technicians

Audio transcript

Roy Gough: Cos technicians were very competent then.

Interviewer: That was something that was particularly notable about Ealing was it?

Roy Gough: Yes, because it had time, you see, they had time to build up their, um, expertise you know what I mean? Instead of going from one studio to another and so on, in different environments, they could build it up. It was a good thing in one way, and a bad thing in the other. It was a bad thing socially, but it was a good thing technically.

Interviewer: Yes..

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