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Joan Greenwood

Joan Greenwood (1921-1987) played leading roles in several Ealing Studios productions. She appeared in films such as Whisky Galore! (1949), Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), and The Man in the White Suit (1951).

Only established or up-and-coming actresses would be invited to have their portraits taken and Roy claims that a photograph could ‘make or break’ an actor or actress's career. Stills photographs would be used to generate publicity and press for upcoming productions.

Did you know?

This image was one of Roy’s most treasured photographs from his time at Ealing Studios. Listen to the audio clip below to hear the story behind the photo.

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Joan Greenwood

Audio transcript

Interviewer: But Joan Greenwood was very nice?

Roy Gough: Joan Greenwood was very nice – she chatted endlessly. She was very, very sweet. And she was particularly sweet to me ‘cos she did, she did sort of co-operate very much. I remember, ‘course cameras were slow in those days and she was wearing this lovely dress for erm, I think it was…er, Saraband, yes – great big medieval sort of dress, almost. And somebody asked for her autograph, and she plumped down on her knees and was signing this autograph on the floor. It looked marvellous you know - so sort of natural as opposed to the garb she was wearing. And I rushed up with my camera and before I could get there she got up. I said ‘Oh! I missed the shot.’ She said, ‘Never mind Roy’ and plumped herself down again. And the wardrobe mistress was going mad, she said ‘My dress! My dress! Oh blast you Roy, blast you!’

Interviewer: (laughing) How lovely

Roy Gough: You know, I’ve still got that picture, and I treasure it.

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