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Harry Watt

Director Harry Watt on location in Tanzania for the Ealing Studios production West of Zanzibar (1954).

Harry Watt specialised in documentary film making and brought to the Studios his skills in location filming and documentary realism.

West of Zanzibar is one of Ealing Studios' lesser known productions owing to its problematic depictions of racial politics and the film’s release was banned in both Kenya and India. The film was however credited for its beautiful cinematography, focus on wildlife and scenic locations.

 "I respected Harry Watt very much because he gave me a chance to work on [West of Zanzibar] when a lot of people wouldn’t let me go on it". Roy Gough

Did you know?

Harry Watt advocated for Roy to work with him in Tanzania as the Stills Photographer on the West of Zanzibar production. Listen to the clip below to learn more!

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Crew selection

Audio transcript

Roy Gough: Put it like this, I think the film crews - and they call them crew, they’re like a ship’s crew – and um, they used to choose, we had about three crews and they would choose a crew to be suitable for the size of film you were on. You got a certain project, and then decided who was directing, that director would go all the way down through the crew, and if possible choose his crew, like that.

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