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School visits during COVID-19

Here at Gunnersbury we have been working hard to ensure you and your school can visit us safely.

We know from feedback that you value the excellent learning experiences we offer and for us to continue to provide that service we depend on your continued support and income now more than ever.

Your students will have an inspiring day that will powerfully introduce a topic or consolidate their existing knowledge. This is surely the best way to boost their ability to catch up effectively. 

It is important to make your booking as soon as possible for the Autumn Term 2020 and the Spring Term 2021 while there are still slots available.

Your safety is paramount and we have made a number of adjustments to our usual procedures.

  • There are slots available for schools to visit on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The museum will be closed to the general visiting public on those days.
  • We have over 186 acres of parkland to use for our outdoor workshops such as Stone Age Survival, Dig for Victory or Story Telling and Science.
  • We now have trails, available on the website, that can be used outdoors when you are not in workshops.
  • We can offer all our usual workshops but with sensible control measures.
  • We will ensure all spaces and equipment are used in safe ways.
  • If you have specific needs or concerns we will do our best to accommodate these.

To book a visit, please tell us the type of workshop, possible dates, contact details, your requirements and the bubble size of the group/s you will be bringing.

In addition, we are now able to deliver a limited number of our workshops as outreach versions at your school. We can currently deliver Victorian Child or Stone Age Survival for Key Stage Two classes if you have suitable space available or we can deliver a Toys and Games workshop for Key Stage One classes at your school as an indoor or outdoor version.

The price of each outreach workshop is the same as if it were delivered during a school visit to our museum but with any travel expenses for outreach added on.

In order to accommodate the needs of all schools in future, we are looking at developing new outreach opportunities. To be kept informed about this you can add your details to our mailing list or if you are interested in helping to pilot some of this please contact us directly.

“The extra staffing, changing of your opening days for public/schools, cleanliness, use of face masks etc were really good. The way you used the larger space for the…workshop and cleverly moved from location to location to observe social distancing was so flawless that the children wouldn’t have noticed you were distancing and actually the movement complemented the workshop itself. In these uncertain times to be able to go on a school trip in itself was brilliant but I commend you all on your efforts to keep your workshops as engaging as possible with safety measures in place.”
Pennthorpe School

Stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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