Our diverse collections provide an insight into the heritage and culture of Ealing, Hounslow and the surrounding areas.

From the famous Lucozade sign, once visible to motorists driving along the M4, to block-print designs by Brentford-based textile designer Joyce Clissold, many of the items have a very local story. Still more reflect the experiences of local people and have personal stories attached, creating a real connection with the lives of west Londoners past and present.

Our collections

Since the museum was founded in 1929, we’ve collected a wide range of materials, from objects to photography and film to audio recordings. Together, they reflect changes in the local area over the centuries and the significance of its industry, culture and communities within the wider world.

Our collections include:

  • materials that trace the history and development of Gunnersbury, its landscape and the people who lived and worked here. Paintings, maps, plans and inventories, architectural items and the Rothschild family’s carriages all offer a view of Gunnersbury across the ages
  • artefacts from local archaeological digs, including Palaeolithic flint tools, Bronze Age swords and Iron Age spearheads
  • children and childhood, including toys, games and clothing
  • costumes, including fine examples of clothing for the middle and upper classes from the 19th and 20th centuries
  • local entertainment, including many items relating to the golden age of Ealing Studios
  • local industry collections that trace the growth of manufacturing in the area
  • oral histories and personal collections of local people

Today, we continue to add to our collections. As well as acquiring relevant items that tell the stories of the past, we’re keen to hear about the lives of modern-day residents. Throughout the museum, you’ll find places to contribute to our collections by sharing your own stories and experiences.

Studying the collections

Highlights from our collections are displayed in themed galleries. However, there are many more items that can be accessed for special studies. Our new Archive Room is the perfect space where you can view items that are kept in storage.

If you have an enquiry about our collections or would like to book the use of our Archive Room, please email .

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