Restoration Project Update – November 2016

Its been a while since our last site update and as the project nears the end of it’s second year, work has been continuing across the site at Gunnersbury, both inside the mansion and across the park and parkland structures.

The Large Mansion

Externally all the windows have been repaired and are being reinstated. The rendering to the exterior of the building is now complete and decoration to the masonry is partially complete. Roof works are nearing completion with scaffold to the building due for removal early next year.


Internally, all floor strengthening and fire protection works are nearing completion. Plastering and mechanical & electrical works are underway throughout the building.



The Park

The rebuild to the Terrace steps, grotto and Gothic Screen are underway and will be handed over early next year, making these areas accessible to the public.

00010_057 00010_055 00010_053 00010_051

Repairs to the Inner Boundary Wall have now been completed and preparation for planting in the surrounding beds has commenced.

The construction and reinstatement of the Horseshoe Pond is nearing completion and the pond is due to be refilled before Christmas.

00010_076 00010_070

All dismantling works to the Orangery have now been completed and the new stones for the replacement cornice are under manufacture. Designs for the new glass lantern on top of the building are being finalised and this work will commence next year.


The Round Pond’s new perimeter walls have now been completed and the new clay liner installed. A new jetty is being constructed to serve the future boating offer and the pond is due to be refilled before Christmas.


The external repairs to the Temple are nearing completion and the interior has already been finished and handed back to Gunnersbury’s Learning team – Victorian school is back in session!

The cafe structure is complete with the roof currently being installed. The new cafe is due to open in 2017. The new play area and landscaping works around the cafe have now commenced and new paths have been laid.

A new bonded gravel path has been installed along the new Nature Trail area to make it accessible to all and silt from the Round Pond has been spread and seeded with wild flowers to create a meadow at the end of the Nature Trail.


New water mains are being installed to supply the whole park and emergency masonry repairs to the Potomac Tower are now complete.